MBA-entrance training : CAT & GD-PI

Perseverance, Passion & Commitment

Since May, 2001

Transcendent Achievements

CAT Results : Epic

1. For the last continuous 11 years TCC has the best results among freshers who are general graduates.

2. This implies B.Com., BBA / BMS, and B.Sc. students who went to a business school without work experience.

3. These TCC Students have got into top business schools including IIMs and XLRI on a regular basis.

GD-PI Results : Monumental

1. Best results in the country, by a long margin, since inception (May, 2001), i.e., for the last 21 years.

2. Also, for the last staggering seventeen years (2004-05 to 2021-22),

i. IIM(s) call-conversion has been above 90 %

ii. XLRI call-conversion has been above 80 %

iii. Overall call-conversion (all business schools included) has been above 90 %

Career Results : Matchless

Thanks to ‘The TCC Journey’
(CAT & GD-PI trainings),

1. Till date more than 150 TCC Students have got the best placement in their respective business school.

2. TCC Students have got the best all India placements, all business schools combined, for 4 consecutive years.

3. No other institute in the entire country has been able to match this feat.

End of a hypothetical argument.
(A real one has ceased to exist long back)

Are YOU ‘Future Ready’ yet ?

The Legendary Classroom Training
The Exemplary TCC Concepts & The Unmatched TCC Conditioning
Indomitable & Irrefutable - at The TCC Campus

  • Exemplary CAT training


    Genesis of Crystal Clear Concepts

  • Leading CAT teaching

    Class in Progress

    Hard Skills Development

  • Best-in-class CAT pedagogy

    One-to-One Session

    TCC's famed Personalised & Customised Guidance

  • Awesome CAT learning

    Study Room & Library

    Self-research and Development

  • Foremost CAT tuitions

    Backup Class

    Daily / Weekly, Supplementary, Video & Customised

  • Top CAT coaching

    Laboratory Testing

    At last the mouse bells the CAT

  • Awe-inspiring GD-PI training

    Corporate Presentation

    Soft Skills Development

  • Epitome of GD-PI preparation

    Group Discussion

    Highway to the corporate echelon

  • Premier GD-PI tutoring


    360° Appraisal, Analysis, Feedback and Playback

  • World-Class GD-PI education

    Future Ready

    Training for Life

  • The TCC Campus

    Experience a premier business school before / without going to one.

The TCC Education


Business School : "TCC Management Systems"

Mark my words, TCC is the best Business School in the universe.
(By the way, TCC also offers the best CAT coaching & tuition and also the best GD-PI-WAT coaching & tuition.)
After 'The TCC Journey’ and without doing an MBA, I am heading various entities and I am a torch-bearer to various start-ups.
TCC is an emotion that is inseparable.
Once a TCCian will forever be a TCCian.

Name : Kiran Rathi Email :
School : Vikram Balika, Howrah ; Shree Jain Vidyalaya, Howrah
College : S.A. Jaipuria (B.Com)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad

TCC is a place that influenced me for life.
It ignited in me the spirit of learning.
The TCC CAT training and the TCC GD-PI-WAT training combined is a transformational journey that creates a long-lasting impression.
I am one of the few to be a part of this incredible journey.

Name : Suryansh Goel Email :
School : Don Bosco, Liluah
College : St. Xavier's (B.Com)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad

The way the timeline, the structure, the curriculum, the test series for the TCC CAT coaching has all been designed is just flawless and perfect.
The TCC GD PI WAT coaching is by far the best training I have undergone.
TCC trains one for life. Discipline, punctuality, deadlines, commitment and the never-give-up attitude are all etched within me. These made my life a lot simpler at IIM-A.
I am always going to be grateful to Sir, Ma’am and The TCC Team for training me for life. 

Name : Nikita Agarwal Email :
School : Nirmala Convent, Siliguri
College : Sikkim Manipal (B.Tech)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore

The TCC CAT tuition is the closest to attaining the ideal state of taking care of the universe. The unremitting motivation from Sir & Ma'am serve as catalysts to bell the CAT & beyond.
The GD-PI-WAT tuition at TCC is certainly the best one can get. It transcends the boundaries of GD-PI-WAT and moves into domains of a premier business school in particular and life in general.
The TCC training is designed to get the best out of every student. It prepares one to sail effortlessly in the choppy waters of Life. 

Name : Punit P. Parekh Email :
School : Bhawanipur ; Birla High
College : St. Xavier's (B.Sc)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore

The TCC CAT programme focusses on the conversion of known and unknown into Crystal Clear Concepts.
The TCC GD-PI-WAT programme allows one to experience a premier business school before even going to one.
The TCC training supercedes CAT and GD-PI-WAT. It brought about a metamorphosis in my approach towards life.
Words cannot capture the essence of my TCC Journey. The experience that TCC offers is indeed unique. 

Name : Varun Bajaj Email :
School : La Martiniere for Boys
College : St. Xavier’s (B.Com)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta

The TCC Journey comprises CAT tuition & GD-PI-WAT tuition through TCC Classroom, TCC Online, TCC Test Series and much more.
They are not only the best CAT tuition and the best GD-PI-WAT tuition in the country, they are absolutely world class. They are unmatched and surreal.
TCC gave me an experience of a premier business school and made me Future Ready.
TCC, my second home, is the fulcrum of my success.
I am blessed to have been taught, guided, hand-held and inspired by the best teachers and at the best CAT institute & the best GD-PI-WAT institute in particular and the best institute for life in general. 

Name : Bhawna Pagaria Email :
School : St. Thomas's Church, Howrah
College : J. D. Birla (BBA)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta

During TCC CAT coaching, the concepts were taught with an unmatched clarity which I am still awestruck with. The teaching is so exhaustive that we do not need to look elsewhere at all.
The TCC GD, PI, WAT coaching is flawless. The level at the actual IIM interviews themselves was not this good and exhaustive.
The only reason I am in IIM-C is because of TCC. The feeling of getting into IIM-C did not sink in initially but when I see how much investment of time and energy TCC made in me, I am not surprised any more. 

Name : Karanveer Singh Grewal Email :
School : St.James'
College : Jadavpur University (BA)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

The TCC CAT training imparted a certain degree of diligence and endurance to the students apart from motivating them to achieve excellence. It propelled us to greater heights.
The TCC GD-PI-WAT training was life changing. TCC nurtures students according to their individual strengths & weaknesses, a degree of customisation which is unparalleled.
‘Metamorphosis’ is the word that best describes the TCC experience. The lessons learnt will be treasured for eons to come, for the greater goal at TCC, is to gear students for life.

Name : Pragya Sancheti Email :
School : Welland Gouldsmith ; Sushila Birla
College : Presidency University (B.Sc)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow

The effect the TCC CAT curriculum had on me cannot be expressed in words. Sir, Ma'am and even the TCC Team were always there to motivate us into giving that extra effort.
The GD-PI-WAT curriculum at TCC not only helped me overcome my inherent public speaking discomfort, but also ace every GD, PI and WAT that I have ever sat in, including the ones for placements at IIM, Lucknow.
The TCC Programme was more preparation for life than mere preparation for CAT & GD-PI-WAT. 

Name : Vedant Jain Email :
School : Assam Valley, Assam
College : St. Xavier's (B.Com)

Business School : Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur

The TCC Journey (the TCC CAT coaching and the TCC GD PI WAT coaching) cannot be expressed in words.
It helped me realise my dreams that I did not think I could fulfill.
TCC will always be home for me.

Name : Bharati Mitruka Email :
School : Agrasain Balika, Howrah ; Ashok Hall
College : J. D. Birla (BBA)

Business School : Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur

The TCC Journey, unforgettable and the best, brought about a metamorphosis in me.
Without any doubt, it was the best CAT coaching and the best GD-PI-WAT coaching possible.
The support, the motivation and the care gave me the courage to dream and the confidence to accomplish it.
Each stage of the CAT coaching and the GD-PI-WAT coaching took me to a higher level.
It helped me hone invaluable skills and values and undoubtedly made me what I am today.

Name : Dipti Mundhra Email :
School : Welland Gould Smith
College : St. Xavier's (BBA)

Business School : Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur

The personalised attention one gets at TCC and the relentless effort by the TCC faculty, to help us improve, not only academically, but also, as a person, is what makes TCC special and way ahead of similar institutes.
The TCC Journey is beautifully planned and one starts feeling the difference in the subsequent classes itself because of the customised feedback on a continuous basis.
There was so much to learn that it would take a lifetime for me to acknowledge the takeaways from the training.
The TCC Journey (CAT tuition and GD-PI-WAT tuition) is an experience of a lifetime and, indeed, a training for life. 

Name : Nisha Jain Email :
School : St. Thomas' Church, Howrah
College : Goenka (B.Com)

Business School : Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi

Because of Covid-19, we had to attend the major part of The TCC Journey online.
Sir, Ma'am & The TCC Team were so obsessively guiding, supporting and caring at every step that we never felt it was online.
The amount of customisation & personal attention provided at every step is highly enriching and is a surreal experience.
During both the TCC CAT tuition and the TCC GD, PI, WAT tuition, the focus on overall development is so immense that one will undergo a metamorphosis.
TCC - the best CAT institute and the best GD-PI-WAT institute ever. 

Name : Shubhangee Sharma Email :
School : Raghuraj, Shahdol ; Shiksha Niketan, Amarkantak
College : Bangabasi (B.Com)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode

The TCC Journey has been the epitome of customisation and personal attention.
The effort put in by Sir, Ma’am and the TCC Team to bind the journey into a cohesive whole that rests upon the fulcrum of overall development is unparalleled.
The unmatched TCC CAT coaching and the equally unmatched GD-PI-WAT coaching at TCC brought in me a metamorphosis that is palpable and surreal.
In a subtle way, TCC has trained me for life and I am grateful to it for the same. 

Name : Shruti Sethia Email :
School : Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
College : Bhawanipur (B.Sc)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore

TCC has made me realise a seemingly inconceivable dream by bringing a metamorphosis in me.
Thanks to Sir and Ma'am for the 'training for life' in the form of the best possible CAT tuitions and the best possible GD-PI-WAT tuitions.
I remain indebted to TCC for this enriching and memorable experience.

Name : Shruti Mimani Email :
School : Mahadevi Birla World Academy
College : Shikshayatan (B.Sc)

Business School : Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode

Thanks to “Crystal Clear Concepts”, TCC turns average students into exceptional ones.
Post the TCC CAT training and the TCC GD PI WAT training, I find myself as a completely different person.
TCC has been a torchbearer in the lives of students.
It is a pleasure being a part of this inseparable family.

Name : Himanshu Rathi Email :
School : Shree Jain
College : Umeschandra (B.Com)

Business School : Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

TCC not only exposed us to Crystal Clear Concepts in the most comprehensive manner possible but also gave us the requisite mental push and motivation needed to ace CAT.
The TCC CAT coaching and the TCC GD-PI-WAT coaching are unique and unrivalled.
The prime focus on making us better beings rather than better just for an examination is what puts TCC in an entirely different league altogether.

Name : Yash Nyati Email :
School : Gitanjali Devshala, Hyderabad ; Gitanjali Senior School, Hyderabad
College : St. Xavier's (B.Com)

Business School : Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

The TCC CAT teaching is one of the most comprehensive teachings I have ever experienced. By building a strong, positive relationship with the students, the team continuously motivates the students to give their very best.
The customised GD-PI-WAT teaching focusing on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is rare to experience.
The TCC Journey provided us with practical tools which not only helped us in our business schools but also do so in our work lives. 

Name : Ridhima Lohia Email :
School : Akshar ; La Martiniere for Girls
College : St. Xavier’s (BBA)

Business School : Did not pursue MBA

The TCC experience has been totally life-altering for me. This training is both of a lifetime and for a lifetime. I feel much better equipped as I strive towards achieving both my professional and personal goals.
Today, in my capacity as a businessman, I find myself continuously using concepts and skills that I had learnt during my training at TCC.
The learning, the training and the guidance that I received during the TCC CAT tuitions and the TCC GD PI WAT tuitions were no less than an MBA in itself.
In some sense, TCC indeed is the best MBA institute.

Name : Divyanshu Mahansaria Email :
School : La Martiniere for Boys
College : St. Xaviers' (BBA)


  • Nayonika Saha

    Student of TCC-15
    (CAT - 2015 and GD-PI - 2015/16)
    Date of recording : 25.06.2019

  • Harsh Parasrampuria

    Student of TCC-18
    (CAT - 2018 and GD-PI - 2018/19)
    Date of recording : 29.07.2019

  • Prithwijit Mukherjee

    Student of TCC-11
    (CAT - 2011 and GD-PI - 2011/12)
    Date of recording : 01.08.2019

  • Bhanu Pratap

    Student of TCC-6
    (CAT - 2006 and GD-PI - 2006/07)
    Date of recording : 26.06.2019

  • Navneet Ranjan

    Student of TCC-6
    (CAT - 2006 and GD-PI - 2006/07)
    Date of recording : 07.05.2019

  • Ashish Barui

    Student of TCC-15
    (CAT - 2015 and GD-PI - 2015/16)
    Date of recording : 22.06.2019

  • Gitika Tibrewala

    Student of TCC-15
    (CAT - 2015 and GD-PI - 2015/16)
    Date of recording : 13.06.2019

  • Gunjeeta Jaju

    Student of TCC-15
    (CAT - 2015 and GD-PI - 2015/16)
    Date of recording : 10.06.2019

Nonpareil Faculty

The biggest strength of TCC happens to be its teachers, i.e., the faculty members.
They are specialists, they are constant and they are permanent.
The faculty members (Sir and Ma'am) are incidentally the Directors / Owners of TCC.


Sir : Mr. Sandip Sen (Founder and Director)

• B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication. Ranked first in Engineering.
• MBA (Marketing and Finance) from XIM-B. Topped in Marketing.
• Also had final offers from IIM-K, IIM-I and S.P. Jain.
• Was one of the 20 people to be selected in an all-India selection comprising more than 6000 applicants (all MBAs) by IBM for its Team Blue.

• Training towards CAT and GD-PI since 1999.
• Training towards Hard Skill and Soft Skill development since 1999.

Ma’am : Dr. Soma Sen (Director)

• B.A. and M.A. in English from Jadavpur University.
• M. Phil and Ph.D from New York State University, USA.
• Ranked first throughout.

• Was a visiting faculty at Ohio University, USA.
• Guided Ph.D students in English Literature.
• Was an empanelled faculty of the UGC.
• Former corporate trainer in Communication.
• Erstwhile GMAT trainer.
• Training towards CAT and GD-PI since 2000.
• Training towards Hard Skill and Soft Skill development since 2000.


• Sir is an Engineer and an MBA having topped in both.
• Ma’am is a graduate, post-graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D in English having topped across board.
• Additionally, Sir has been teaching the entire spectrum of Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation since 1999.
• Similarly, Ma’am has been teaching the entire range of English since 2000.
• These make them specialists.

• Since the inception of TCC (May, 2001), Sir and Ma’am have been the constant factor.
• Sir has been teaching the entire spectrum of Mathematics and LR & DI.
• Ma’am has been teaching the entire range of English.
• All the classes across all the batches are conducted by Sir and Ma’am only.
• This results in consistency, familiarity and flawless mutual understanding between the faculty members and the students.
• This is unique to TCC which no other institute has been able to match.

• Sir and Ma’am are permanent, by default, as they are the owners of TCC.
• This is also unique to TCC which no other institute has been able to match.
• In other places the faculty members are temporary as they leave and join other institutes and are replaced by new ones.
• If faculty members leave half-way through the course the career of the students is at a severe risk. There may not be any immediate substitute. Even if there is, the mutual understanding of a new teacher with the existing students is non-existent and there may not be any time left to develop the same.
• These can never happen in TCC.

The only place to have specialist, constant and permanent faculty members.
No other institute can give such an ASSURANCE.

Either TCC or nothing 4 minutes of investment
A life-changing proposition

The TCC Journey

World-Class Education & Training for Life

CAT Curriculum

Training for CAT and the allied MBA-entrance examinations (XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT)
Includes the Legendary Classroom training, Exemplary Online Learning,
Unique & Unmatched Personalised and Customised Support,
Only institute to have Specialist, Constant & Permanent Faculty members,
108 Concept Classes towards Crystal Clear Concepts,
Backup Classes (Daily / Weekly, Supplementary, Video, Customised),
108 sessions towards conceptual doubt clearing ; further, MBA entrance and career doubt clearing
Tête-à-têtes (One-to-One Sessions), Brainstorming, Shortcut Phase,
108 sessions reiterating the concept classes in the Revision Phase,
‘Plan of Action’ Sessions, Strategy Sessions,
Selection, Application, Form filling of Business Schools,
More than 11,000 pages of Study Material,
Test Platform, General Knowledge Platform,
And more,
towards Overall Development,
Indeed, Training for Life.
No wonder that students say that TCC offers the best CAT coaching and the best CAT tuition, the best that can be.

Test Platform

Largest Computer Laboratory in Eastern India,
The Grandest, the Peerless & the Strategic Triple CAT Test Series, 50 online CAT-patterned full-length tests in the CAT platform,
12 different ‘Test Series’ comprising more than 1200 online tests,
Reading Tests, Word Power, GK Tests,
Topic Tests, Subject Tests,
Laboratory Tests, Archive Tests, RealCATs
Customised pattern-specific tests for XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT 

General Knowledge Platform

A powerhouse of knowledge named Planet K,
Readymade and Customised General Knowledge,
12 Categories having 72 features,
Awards, Corporate, Economy, Famous Profiles, Glossary,
News Headlines, Organisations, Polity, Potpourri, Question Bank,
Sports, Top Stories,
Periodic updates and reinforcements 

GD-PI Curriculum

Hard-Skills and Soft-Skills Training,
More than 100 hours of Concept Classes,
More than 40 hours of real-life practical & application sessions customised & personalised for each student,
Unique & Unmatched Customisation and Personalisation,
Onset evaluation, Plan of Action,
One-to-One evaluation, feedback & planning, Customised Research Projects,
Form filling, Essay writing / WAT, General Knowledge, Case Study,
Economics, Management, Leadership, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing,
Communication, Public Speaking, Extempore, Debate,
Group Discussion, Group Activity, Group Task, Group Exercise,
Psychometric Testing, Group Interview, Personal Interview,
General Knowledge Platform
No wonder that students say that TCC offers the best GD-PI coaching and the best GD-PI tuition, the best that can be.

Virtual Tour

5000 square feet of state-of-the-art campus,
Catering to myriad needs,
Hi-tech Classrooms, Computer Laboratory,
Study room, Library, Video Room, Mini-cafeteria,
Conference (GD) Room, Interview Chamber,
Gender-exclusive restrooms in different floors,
Continual support edifice,
Wi-fi enabled, CCTV surveillance for safety and security,
The TCC Campus provides a lifetime opportunity to experience a premier business school before going to one,
Here, a walk through the serene corridors augurs the walk through the resplendent corridors of achievements.

TCC Children are Everything

Discover their Surreal Emotions

Discover our Eternal Bonding

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